ASMR Sound Therapy 

What Is ASMR?

What Is ASMR?

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What Is ASMR ?


​Autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) is a term used for an experience characterized by a tingling sensation on the skin that begins on the scalp and moves down the back of the neck and upper spine.

I create ASMR / RELAXATION videos that includes sounds made by  eating , scratching , tapping , whispering & more. My main focus when I create these videos is to relax you through sounds and visualization that may trigger tingles.  My videos may help you with Insomnia, depression, anxiety, pain, calming, relaxation, meditation , comfort, focus & self love. 


Everyday there are more and more people discovering that they have ASMR. ASMR is a life changing experience that has not been scientifically proven .However, like myself... there is many people that has experience these unexplained tingles. Take the time to read the testimonials that I received . These testimonials touches my heart because I know I am fulfilling my purpose. My purpose is to spread love, light & self love as much as I can. 

Sounds are  part of our daily lives., not only can we hear them we can feel sounds through vibrations. Sounds can uplift our spirits and change our moods from sad to excited. Even feeling happy, Helping us to have hope and strength to go on another day. Many people suffer each day with chronic pain. Did you know many people listen to ASMR? Another form Of Sound Therapy. Many People Also believe that sounds have healing power like tapping, whispering, & mouth clicks from someone eating. The research for ASMR present study that low-frequency sound stimulate the brain and can trigger regulatory functions that drives tingle activity through the body. Mostly down the spine.
ASMR triggers are know to relax your mind and body, to reduce stress throughout your body. Some feels tingles that reduces the feelings of pain in the body. Most ASMR creators intentions is to create sounds and whisper to encourage and enhance relaxation, meditation & brain function by sound massage therapy, That may start the  healing process. 
Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response/ASMR May triggers the release of natural opioids in the brain that can reduce the feeling of pain and can be an alternative or a reduction for the need for pain medication. Many people have said ASMR has not only reduce the amount of pain They receive, But they feel less stress, anxiety, depression, lonely, And now feel more relax, calmer, and well rested. ASMR Videos uplifted their moods and they feel more  positive. When dealing with chronic pain listening to ASMR sounds can help give you some since of management. Soothing sounds can be paired with relaxation techniques so that, over time, you may relax automatically when listening to your favorite ASMR sounds.

What Is 3D Sounds?

3D sound,  Is spatial sounds what is all around you right now. Sound you hear naturally, and with the technology Spirit is able to create amazing sound that you can feel .

The Sounds may come from all directions and distances, and because Spirit focus on ASMR she is softly speaking in a whisper tone. If a bird is out side Spirit window singing, You can hear it and even when it flies away. If Spirit touches her hair , you will hear it. These are examples of 3D sound. The spatial location of a sound is what gives it its three-dimensional aspect.

To experience 3D sound, put on your headphones and check out the impressive video.

Spirit Payton does a lot of her audio recording with the blue yeti microphone. When she needs to so I needed to focused on intense sounds. The Blue Yeti microphone is a great and many of her followings enjoy the tiny sounds the microphone picks up.  This Yeti has 4 different modes; omni-directional, stereo, cardioid, and bi-directional. It Sounds Even Better With head Phones

What Are Tingles?


Well tingles are the reason why everyone seems to be so addicted to ASMR. It is the feel good feeling that you receive from watching your favorite ASMR. By feeling this feeling , it will cause you to feel so relax , calm you down , day dream , or fall asleep. 

 Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) is a tingling feeling on your scalp and brain that slowly moves down your neck and spine.

 static-like or tingling sensation on the skin that typically begins on the scalp and moves down the back of the neck and upper spine. It has been compared with auditory-tactile synesthesia and may overlap with frisson. ASMR is a attention induced head orgasm & induced euphoria. 


Do Everyone Have ASMR?

Not quite , Not every one is able to receive tingles or even get relax by ASMR. Its something in the brain that causes the reaction. 


How to find out if you have ASMR? 

"Do I Have ASMR? How Do I Know If I Have ASMR?"

Be more aware and open minded to accepting some sounds that you find your self enjoying. You will notice that every time you hear this sound or see something you get an over whelming calming feeling. It helps you relax. 


Is ASMR only sounds? Can I Experience ASMR From Visual?

In most cases it can be only the sounds that trigger you but for some people visual plays a huge part in helping them experience the full ASMR Experience. It has been said from some people that experience ASMR that they are able to experience having tingles just from looking at a person do a certain action. 


What Can Cause Tingles ? What Are Triggers?

"Triggers" These triggers are different Items or actions (sounds) that causes tingles which is the main reason of ASMR. The most popular ASMR Trigger is ASMR EATING. You have so many triggers like Like eating sounds ,  brushing the microphone, whispering, roleplay , personal attention & more...

Why Does Spirit Payton Do ASMR?

 ​When I Create My ASMR Videos, I Think About My Viewer As If It Was A Very Close Friend And We Are Having Dinner Together Or I Am Here To Keep You Company, Helping You Feel Relax Calm, And Or Sleepy. Many People Really Don't Have Time To Really Spend Entertaining Another Person Or People Because They Have Work, School Or  Have Plans The Next Day, But It's Nice To Feel Like Someone Is Keeping You Company And It Will Be Okay, To Close Your Eyes And Sleep And Don't Have To Feel Bad About It. I Am That Friendly Whispering Voice That Can Be Your Friend/  BFF, Mom, Sister, Auntie, And Maybe Grand Mom  To Some.  So Many People Deal With Pain And They Toss And Turn All Night With No Relief Even With Taking Pain Pills. I Help Take Your Mind To Another Place And You May Not Even Realize You Fell Asleep. I Think About Men Women And Children Who Deal With Anxiety And Have No One To Calm Then Down And Feel Like They Are All Alone. I Become That Person You Can Feel Relax With And Know That You Are Safe And Someone Cares.  I Know That Many Watch My Videos At First Because They Don't Understand Why I Do What I Do. I Whisper In A Mic, Some Times I Eat And Create Sounds That Can Be Comforting To The ears And You May Have Tingles That Feels Good. Not All People Get Tingles, Some People Just Truly Enjoy Watching And Listing Like Another Video Vlog, And That Great, We All Need A Little Relaxation Some Times. That Who I Am , Your Relaxation Time And Place. Spirit Payton   

Why I Will Never Stop Creating ASMR?

   ​We All Need Someone, But With The Internet People Are Becoming More Lonely Each Day With No Support System In Place. When Someone Discover My Videos Than A Gan A Large Community Of People Who Watch, Listen And Support ASMR Videos. Since I Started Doing ASMR , I Have Countless Email And Comments Of Followers Expressing How Much I Save Them From Lonelynest, Suicide, Depression, Anxiety And More. This Is My Passion My Purpose My Goal, To Reach One Person At A Time. Love And Light.    

Do Counting Help A Person Fall Asleep? 12/22/2018

When We Are Children, We Are Told to Count Sheep To Help Us Fall A Sleep. This Video Was Created With The Same Intentions. 

So Many Things Gives Us Trouble Falling Asleep, People All Over The world Are Trying To Find Ways To Drifting Off. Spirit Always Say, Drink A Hot Glass Of Water, It Will Make You Feel Calm, Some Try A Warm Glass Of Milk And If That Don't Work, They Count Sheep. Simply Start By Closing Your Eyes And Picture A Sheep In Your Head, Now Watch Them Jump Over You And Start To Slowly Count (Counting Sheep Method). These Thoughts That You Have In Your Mind Is A Mental Exercise To Help Put You To Sleep. Hearing Some One Soft Voice Count Sheep Or Just Counting Can Be Use As A Sleep Aid. Simple Sounds Helping You Take Your Mind Off Things. Counting And Visualization May Helps People Sleep. But We Alway Come Back to That Question Does Counting Sheep Really Put A Person To Sleep?


Why Do Counting Sheep For Falling Asleep Helps?

You Are Note Alone In This Worldly Wide Asked Question. Maybe The Answer To The Question Could Be Found From The Researchers At Oxford University Who Use One Of Their Technique Which Is Counting Sheep While Monitoring People Who Had A Hard Time Falling Asleep.

Many People Are Insomniacs. It May Help If You Start Picturing Things That You My Love For Example Sitting On The Beach On A Hot Day Relaxing And Just Watching The Waves As They Come In On To The Sand. This Visualization Can Be Very Calming For Some People When Attempting To Fall Asleep. It Can Relax Your Mind And Body And Before You Know It, Your Sound To Sleep  And Maybe Not Even Remembering Exactly What Point Was It That Made Or Help You Drift Off. Counting Or Thinking About Imaginary Things In Your Mind While Trying To Sleep May Really Help.


ASMRTheChew Know As Spirit Payton Has Been Putting People All Over the World To Sleep With Her Amazing ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response ) Videos For Over Three years Now. She Started On Youtube But Now Can Be Found On Twitter, Instagram And Also Face Book. Spirit Has Found That Her Voice Can Be Very Tranquil To Many Of Her Followers, She Been Told After A Few Minutes They Began To Feel Really Sleepy Faster Than Any Sleep Aid They Have Tried. They Also Experience Tingles In Some Cases. Spirit Payton Believed That Her Videos Are Best With Head Phone And Closing Your Eyes And Visualizing What She Is Whispering About With Her Tranquil Voice But Relaxing And Preparing You With Her Sound Therapy To Fall Asleep And You Can Do That Now With This Counting Video. You Can Just See The Sheep Or Your Thought Of Choice Jumping Across You. This Is Simply Another Sleep Method Video Created For You. 

How to Fall Asleep?

Yes Counting Sheep Is Something That Most People Heard about in Some Way, And When Dealing With Anxiety Trying To Stay Calm, Breathing While Counting Can Help Both Insomnia And Falling Asleep May Just Be A Saying Or a Thing To Do. Now You Can Participants in The Video, Listening And Counting Along In Your Mind.This May Actually Put You To Sleep, Try This ASMR Video With Head phones To Fall Asleep Faster. Spirit Be Will Uploading A New Video Daily To Help Your Mind And Body Relax For A Great Night's Sleep.

Spirit creates relaxation content on multiple platforms such as Facebook , Youtube , Instagram & Twitter where she vlogs her life and at the same time creates quality content ASMR videos. She has shared her life with thousands of her like Spirits of lights by telling deep painful , heart warming  story times. 2011 she was diagnose with degenerative bone disease. She suffers with chronic pain, which has caused pain anxiety to flare up from time to time. Creating ASMR for thousands of people inspires her to fight through her suffering each day. She uses ASMR as a self healing that brings her joy and happiness most days. She discovered ASMR 2012 during a terrible anxiety attack because she was in so much pain . She did not sleep for 3 days straight. Her daughter Nadine has been a true supporter in her health. She was worried about her mom that she started doing research that lead to ASMR. The 3rd night as Spirit was shaking on the couch and could not handle the pain she was going through with still no sleep. Her daughter put headphones in her ears of an ASMR video. 20 minutes later Sprit was sleep. When she finally woke back up, it was like she was rejuvenated and ready to begin her day. As she started to become a full time loyal ASMR viewer . Her life changed . ASMR gave her relief from chronic pain , insomnia & anxiety. Overtime Spirit  started to recognize and critic unique sounds that she noticed helped her stay calm through out her daily life. She started searching for certain asmr artists that deliver certain sounds and couldn't find anyone that would satisfy her need for relaxation. She decided in  2015 to create her Youtube channel ASMRTHECHEW so she can help others relax, sleep, and find their triggers that may cause tingles.

25 Millon


Since the age of 3 , Spirit has always like tangy and unique food such as pickles , olives , okra , tomatoes  and onions. These types of food seem to give her pleasure while eating them. While Spirit Create her daily sounds. One day eating a pickle , her ASMR senses turned on immediately and caused her to feel tingles in her brain. She began to feel calm and sleepy . That's when a light bulb went off and she realized that she needed to share this awesome , incredible and amazing sound that she discovered with the world! 

Spirit became VIRAL on social media & youtube off of her amazing ASMR pickle videos. She is now a world wide International meme and Internet sensation. Her Pickle Videos are LEGENDARY & has change the world for the better. Spirit has broke the glass to ASMR  and brought awareness to the ASMR community. While ASMR was an underground secret for most people , It wasn't something that people openly talked about or shared that they have ASMR with others. Most people never heard of asmr and didn't even know that they have ASMR until watching the pickle video. While watching they began to feel triggers, tingles , relaxed , sleepy & happy. They couldn't explain what was happening to them. They Discovered the art of ASMR for the first time.Spirit has continued on her journey of bring awareness to ASMR for people who has no clue that it even exist. Her movement has open doors for the ASMR community such as putting ASMR on the map. Now ASMR is Mainstream because of Spirit Payton.


Several years ago, Spirit Payton was diagnosed with severe degenerative bone disease, leaving her with anxiety and chronic pain. She found relief via an unlikely source: ASMR. For the uninitiated, ASMR refers to feelings triggered by visual or auditory stimuli, perhaps by the tapping of nails against glass, or the crinkling of a candy wrapper. Realizing the healing power it had for her, Payton became an ASMR artist, hoping to help others battling their own ailments.​​







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