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Now You Can Be Updated With New And Exciting New, Video Goal & More!

Hello, Welcome To The New Updated ASMRTheChew Website Which Is Our New Home Sweet Home. We Are So Sorry For Any Inconvenient You May Accrued, Trying To Log On To Our New Website. We Are Going To Be Updating At 3 Times A Day For The Next 90 Day. You Will See New Things Appear A Few Times A Day.

Thank You So Much For Subscribing And Becoming A Part Of Our Growing Community

Now You Will Have The Best Of ASMRThechew Right At Your Finger Tips. Daily Uploads Will Be Taking Place Real Soon. ASMR Relaxation Videos To Entertaining Vlogs From Life With Spirit And Spirit And Nadine Chit Chats. 3/22/2019

We are working on the website everyday to make it a complete, peaceful & enjoyable environment for our community of ASMR viewers . Also, for people who enjoy Spirit & The Family's Video Content . We are so Happy to have you apart of the family! 

You Can Expect New Videos Loaded Everyday . 

You can now check this community tab  for updates & keeping up with Spirit & Nadine. 

​Now You Will have personal access to all of the video content that is created by ASMRTHECHEW Productions on one site. 

So don't worry if you feel like you missed the newest video out or if you are new and you want the see videos from the beginning of time.

Yay! They Will All Be Here!

You will be able to check the website to see ALL Content. 

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You Can Now Add Pictures And Upload A Video From Your Youtube Channel. To Share With other Members. Let's Get The Convo Started. Have A Great Day. New Exclusive Video Being Release Real Soon. (Become

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